There are just as many ways to lose weight as there are ways to gain it all back. But when you go through all the weight loss programs, one method stands the test of time: diet and exercise. And by “diet”, I mean a lifestyle of healthy eating, not some super restrictive menu to make pounds come off by any means necessary.  


Alexo Fitness has an app that takes you the way you are right now, physically and mentally, and instead of promising overnight success, the app’s program is rooted in making each day count. The extensive menu of exercises helps an fight an enemy more dangerous than carbs: boredom. Each exercise has its own video to make sure you get the most out of it in the safest way possible.


The Alexo Fitness Facebook page will give you a sense of the man behind the app.


Those who have the app get an automatic invitation into the Alexo Squad, a Facebook  group where members cheer for members' successes, and pull each other out of ruts.