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Producer Mixer Engineer




      Planet Achilles' #1 rule is to only work with people who have a genuine passion for what they do.

      So when someone suggested I feature Dave (whom I’d never met), I had to do some digging. After I watched a few interviews he’d done, I learned what excites Dave the most is seeing artists light up when a collaboration captures their vision.

      I met Dave virtually, and discovered something Google could never tell me. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Grammy-winning artist or someone looking to do their first demo, Dave delivers the same unwavering focus and determination. In a world full of people looking out for themselves, Dave’s motivated by the opportunity to help artists achieve their musical ambitions.


     Dave doesn’t namedrop or flaunt his successes. I had to find out on my own that’s he’s worked with Mariah-level talent and that he’s nominated for a 2020 Latin Grammy.


     Every conversation with Dave reveals another hidden talent or achievement, including his nomination for a 2020 Latin Grammy. His secret weapon, however, is the ability to listen to music and people in a way that allows him to pick up on gems that most of us would miss. This golden ear is how he's able to get a studio full of musicians and artists meeting for the first time to vibe in a way where everyone shines.


     Whether his working as a producer, mixer, or engineer, Dave’s razor sharp instincts and work ethic leaves everyone feeling better about their music, about themselves and most importantly, their future.