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The easiest way to kill a dream is to keep dreaming out about. As long as it's stuffed in a box called 'someday', your dream will always be a few steps ahead of you.

The first step to catch your dream is to wake up. Thinking about it does nothing. Talking about it does nothing. There's always something you can be doing today to make your dream a reality. Whether it's taking a class, joining a virtual club, or creating a blog, there are countless ways to get the wheels of your passion in motion.


Some of the best movies have montages. In the movie, Rocky, the time period where he worked the hardest, where he probably had the most doubt as to whether he could really win the upcoming fight, was reduced to a minute of quick clips.

The big celebration happens when he's in the ring, but I've always felt the time when people need the most support is during those montage moments.

Dreamcatcher is committed to supporting and celebrating the triumphs over those smaller but just as important challenges.


If you've taken that leap of faith, I'll help any way I can to get you more exposure, and connect you with  people tackling the same challenges.