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The Humble Opinion

A story for all ages about how trying to prove each other wrong isn't as important as treating each other right.


In a world where comfort zones can easily become echo chambers, and values are presented in all-or-nothing packages, The Humble Opinion takes a look at how sharing an opinion involves more than expressing your own view.

Burpees Series: Kids' drinks come to life

Celebrate how families can look and grow in unexpected ways.



This Blended Family companion coloring book gives kids the chance to create their own blended families!


Cocktales Series: Cocktails come to life

"The First 50" showcases the art that launched the Cocktales series.



Cocktales delivers characters in full color as they celebrate New York nightlife.



The Cocktales face their biggest nightmare: prohibition!


Cee4 (18.442 × 12.417 in).png

Celebrate the search for love as Cocktales go on dating apps in hopes of finding the perfect drink!


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