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Meet the creative forces behind Planet Achilles!

Key (kee)

When Key used his experience as a New York City bartender to write his memoir, Raised By The Bar, he had no idea it would spark his Cocktales series, where drinks walk, talk and allow us to laugh at ourselves.

In 2022, he transformed kids’ drinks into characters for his Love Is Love children's books, which help kids understand the complexities of topics like blended families and racism.

Aquiles (ah-KEEL-less)

From comic books to greeting cards to t-shirts, Key's imagination has taken our company in many directions, but Aquiles is credited for turning the concepts and words into art. The self taught artist credits his Puerto Rican background for the heart and humor he's infused into every page of the company's dynamic books.

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Kiki (KEE-kee)
Marketing Manager

"Likes" and "followers" are great, but Kiki is only concern is whether or not Planet Achilles makes good on its promise to "celebrate the good in all of us".

"This company has more creative gems than I have ex-boyfriends," says Kiki. "And it's my privilege, no, my responsibility, to bring it to the world."

He's most proud of the company's commitment to supporting local businesses.

Achille (ah-sheel)

After the faux French model was crowned ninth runner up in Quakertown’s Next Top Hand Model, the overlooked talent finally came into his own with an exclusive contract with Planet Achilles.

"I absolutely adore being the face (and hands!) of Planet Achilles, but I must admit it's a challenge to not have my good looks pull focus from the products I'm paid to promote."

Chili Bowl (chi-lee-bowl)

From cosplaying at comic cons to hosting his own weekly NYC geek party, Chili has always immersed himself into pop culture's biggest fandoms (Batttlestar Galactica) as well as some obscure ones (Pronto Comics). In 2021, he launched Planet Achilles, where his talented team continue to take on projects that offer a platform to voices that struggle to be heard.

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