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Ethan B.

     The peaceful colony of Brimsand elevated their meditation practices, by developing a high tolerance to extreme weather conditions, as well as the ability to fast for weeks. When word got out about their unique skills, The Gale, needed slaves to build their new fortress on Mt. Heavenbreaker, invaded their land, and forced their people into slavery.


     The Gale destroyed any notion of the Brimsand people returning to their homeland by burning the entire colony to the ground. All that remained of Brimsand was scorched earth. A year later, earthquake swallowed almost all of the scorched earth. The Gale declared themselves saviors, for if they hadn’t enslaved the people of Brimsand, they would’ve all died.

     The Priest Supreme Miklos took a Brimsand slave, Relion, under his wing. He allowed Relion to observe how they used the spell book of shadow alchemy, the transforming enchantments into creatures and artifacts that would be given to other kingdoms, only to have that gift turn against its new owner.

     Impressed with how religion was used to galvanize the poorest of people as well as the richest, Relion created a new religion, Pyranna, the worship of fire. He chose fire because it not was a powerful weapon, it was so cheap even a slave could afford it. Pyranna quickly became the religion of the slaves.


     Everyone believed their slaves worshiped fire because it kept them warm. But the truth was they were waiting for the Reckoning. When Relion spread the word that it was time for the Reckoning, homes, mansions, even castles were set ablaze as slaves—with the High Priest’s spell book—escaped and never looked back.

     The returned to Brimsand, but what was once villages stretched along the east coast, was now a sea of unruly stones, where not even the most stubborn of weeds could grow. Relion used shadow alchemy make Brimstone habitable, and the people were quick to declare him king, whose army’s sole purpose is spreading anarchy across the nation by sending anonymous gifts to Wroth’s most powerful nations, gifts that would later erupt and cause mass destruction and anarchy.


“Our death is a small price to pay if it means you'll be joining us.”

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