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The Cascades

Jake H.

     Long before there were red dragons, blue fairies or green elves, there were colorless Myrs. Eldrazi was King of the Myrs and ruler of The Glass Lands, which accounted for a third of the realm. The rest of Wroth was either uncivilized or uninhabitable. King Eldrazi used artifacts and golems to defend The Glass Lands from the savages beyond its borders.

     On his deathbed, King Eldrazi’s asked his two sons to rule the Glass Lands together, but as soon as their father took his last breath, the princes sparked a civil war, tearing the massive region into two much smaller kingdoms. Prince E’Kaj became the king of The Cascades, while Prince D’Raj became ruler of The Glass Gardens.


     King E’Kaj shared his father’s hatred of color f and forbade the use of any spells that required color, except for the kingdom’s formidable army of slivers. King E’Kaj took residence at High Archer Castle, surrounded by spectacular and equally deadly waterfalls.

     The Cascades keeps to itself, but when they wage war, it’s often through the deployment of spies, who infiltrate enemies’ government to cause an insurrection. When they’ve seized temporary control of the land, they enforce  genocide, or as King E’Kaj calls it, “the “purification of Wroth.”

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“War is for savages. We engage in the calculated deconstruction of our enemies.”

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