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The Hidden Army


      Glimmerhall was a colony of nomads who would come and go as they pleased. There were no taxes, no military and no government, they nomads were only interested in a free exchange of ideas and enchantments. Their favorite thing to do was share their sagas by the campfires. Whenever their colony fell prey to pirates or bandits, the nomads used their vast collection of enchantments to defend their village of tents and beautifully painted shacks. Glimmerhall was considered so irrelevant to the business of nations, it wasn’t even marked on a map.

     When Queen Windgrace declared herself the realm’s most powerful queen, Queen Marchesa took is as an attack on her title and had Khaotica wage war on Keytopia. Located between the two nations, each queen demanded Glimmerhall’s loyalty. Instead of fighting, the colony of nomads used their magic to cloak their land.


     Queen Marchesa put a bounty out for every Glimmerhall fairy, and Queen Windgrace sent hundreds of hunting scute mobs to track down the rebels, and while the sound of their whimsical music was heard on the beaches of Claam, along the Zakkari mountains, and even in the Fresh Hell mines, but much like a morning fog, the “hidden army” was everywhere and nowhere. 

     For decades, The Hidden Army has appeared at what seems to be random battles, only to wreak havoc on armies’ plans and even decide the outcome of a battle they had nothing to do with, only to then disappear as mysteriously as they had arrived. Without the walls to topple, and villages to pillage, the nations didn’t know whether to fear the Glimmerhall, or be amused by it.


“War is just a loud party we love to crash.”

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