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     Oozes were one of the first sentient life forms, and the Windgrace farmers prided themselves on breeding the most beautiful ones in the realm. Inspired by how oozes managed to adapt to every physical and mental challenge, the Windgraces built farms across the largest of the southern islands, which became known as "Ooze Island".


     One day, three elves ventured out of the Weeds and sailed to Ooze Island. The oozes were rumoured to be rich in protein, so the elves wanted to feed them to their dinosaurs. Papa Windgrace, known for his  temper, killed two of the elves, and sent a message with third: “Keytopia Never Forgets”.

     As was often the case, Mama Windgrace had underestimated the power of the elves, especially since one of the murdered elves was the Elf King’s daughter, Harper. Thousands of elves emerged from The Weeds. The elves’ dinosaurs trampled the Windgrace crops. The elves dragons burned down the Windgrace barns. Mama Windgrace watched as the elves killed her husband and virtually all of the oozes.

     After what is now known as “The Green Massacre,” Mama Windgrace swore to avenge her husband and the slaughtered oozes. Under her leadership, all the villages and markets on Ooze Island united to become the realm’s first queendom.


     For each victory, Queen Windgrace had her wizards and blacksmiths create a monarch-key to harness the defeated army’s magic. Keytopia’s armies have become more powerful with every win, but the queendom’s greatest mission is still a work in progress: to have the Ooze Army become the most feared army in the realm.


“Keytopia never forgets.”


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