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Jarod T.

     Long before there were red dragons, blue fairies or green elves, there were colorless Myrs. Eldrazi was King of the Myrs and ruler of The Glass Lands, which accounted for a third of the realm. The rest of Wroth was either uncivilized or uninhabitable. King Eldrazi used artifacts and golems to defend The Glass Lands from the savages beyond its borders.

     On his deathbed, King Eldrazi’s asked his two sons to rule the Glass Lands together, but as soon as their father took his last breath, the princes sparked a civil war, tearing the massive region into two much smaller kingdoms. Prince E’Kaj became the king of The Cascades, while Prince D’Raj became ruler of The Glass Gardens.

     A week after he finally got to sit in late father’s throne, King D’Raj died in his sleep, making his wife, Queen Marchesa, The Glass Lands’ new ruler. She introduced the kingdom to her love of angels, demons, and assassins, and had her assassins steal some of the most powerful weapons and creatures in all of Wroth. Unfortunately, the queen and her council couldn’t fully comprehend how to best use the stolen items, making The Glass Lands’ army as reckless as they were powerful. Surrounding nations dismissed her as a threat, called The Glass Gardens the “Kingdom of Konfusion.”

     The Queen’s confusion made it easy for all the nations to dismiss her as a threat. By the time they realized that Queen Marchesa’s insatiable curiosity was fueled by a steel determination to master her arsenal of extraordinary weapons, it was too late; Queen Marchesa’s had conquered three formidable kingdoms—Viper’s Nest, DragonHaven and Merlantis. With her reign including four nations, she declared herself ruler of Khaotica, the first and only empire in the realm.

     Every year, Khaotica hosts the War Games, where nations send their best warrior to compete in tournaments. While technically an Empress, she has kept her title as Queen as a tribute to her one true love, the late King Dorahj.

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“Bow down, or get knocked down.”

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