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The Unchained Republic

Mike G.

     Similar to the elves that live in The Weeds, it’s unclear how many Zakkari lived in the Seven Mountains of Exile. Centuries ago, the near inhabitable terrain was where the worst of the realms criminals were sent to spend what was assumed to their last weeks if not days of life. The hardened criminals eventually learned how to live on the mountains and over time became what is known today as the Zakkari tribes.

     Ontouro, King of the Zakkari created an arena where they put their prisoners of war to fight to the death for their freedom. Gladiators who won five death battles were inducted into the League of Warriors, the Zakkari’s army. When one of the warriors, Bruxx the Unchained, witnessed his son get slaughtered in the Death Pit, he campaigned to end Zakkari’s death matches. The king refused, and ordered Bruxx back to the death pit.

      Ironically, the kingdom that was often underestimated had underestimated its own warrior. Bruxx freed all the arena’s shackled prisoners and led them to stage a coup.  They slaughtered the Zakkari’s League of Warriors, but before Bruxx could reach King Ontouro, he escaped through an underground tunnels in what would always been known as The Great Scoop.

     The republic was initially seen as a band of outlaws, with no chance of organizing themselves. But Bruxx proved to be as wise in the war room as on the battlefield. The freed gladiators took up residence on the western coast. With Bruxx as their first elected Prime Minister, they became the Unchained Republic. As the only nation to have free elections, Bruxx is committed to bringing democracy to the realm by taking down all empires, churches, and monarchies.

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“Freedom is our religion. War is our prayer.”

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