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The Weeds

     All farmers hate cidergrass. The countless acres of the 8 foot weed at the center of Wroth, however, was not only hated, it was feared. Many travellers have ventured into the fields, only to never come out the other side. There have even been rumors of travellers, as far as a mile from the field’s edge, being snatched into The Weeds. This seemed particularly true if they had dinosaur or dragon eggs in their possession.

     Eventually, it became known that an army of elves had been hiding in the weeds. Some believed The Weeds allowed elves cover from their enemies until they were all in formation and ready to launch one, singular, lethal attack. Others claim the Weeds didn’t protect the elves; that it was elves protecting the weeds, because by feeding weeds to their dragons and dinosaurs is how they go them to grow to such unimaginable proportions.

     The Weeds is the only nation ruled by a dictator, Chabak the Ruthless. Chabak the Ruthless believes there’s no such thing as “war time”. War will never end until The Weeds have fulfilled their destiny. According to Chabak the Great, The Weeds is already the greatest nation in Wroth. Their destiny is to be the only nation in Wroth.


“The Weeds don’t march. We trample. They Weeds don’t kill. We annihilate.”

Nate C.

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