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Joe T.

     Throughout the realm, alliances between nations are often short-lived arrangements. The only consistent interaction between nations occurred at the Markets of Keytopia, where the Windgrace farmers would trade their crops for weapons and armor. The markets added casinos and brothels, and The marketplace eventually represented two thirds of Keytopia’s profits.

     Unhappy with the Windgrace’s terms for trading practices, a group of merchants formed the Dark Party: a council of wizards, monks, clerics and rogues who all shared a love for necromancy. Unbeknownst to Keytopia, the Dark Party created an underground market, where nations could trade their dead soldiers for goods and money.


      The Dark Party ran the underground market for decades, slowly building an army of zombies. The Dark Party declared wage war against Keytopia. With necromancer Tezcat as their leader, they won independence from Keytopia and became Zentopolis, the realm’s largest marketplace.

     While Zentopolis is arguably the most popular nation in all of Wroth, Keytopia refuses to practice any trades, and has vowed to retake their land one day.  Meanwhile, Zentopolis’ most popular market by far is called Undead to Rites, the final destination for many fallen soldiers… many of them killed by the Undying Army.


“You slay. We pay.”

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